I am a Freelancer again!

Quick post: I just presented my resignation letter this morning and will still be wrapping-up some projects for a couple of weeks. But I am back to the freelance world!

I am quite excited with this specially because of a few projects in mind. This way I can pursue projects covering a few different areas between design and development whilst tied to any company I was always confined to a small subset of those. I was a freelancer for about 12 years before moving to Switzerland, so I was kind of missing it. I also like the fact that I can put together the experience of several years in advertising and more recently in the finance field, and use this two completely different approaches as an advantage specially in RIA (Rich Internet Applications) development in Flex and using the Flash platform.

I will have some new website soon and a dedicated blog for the geeky Flex/Flash/ActionScript stuff and whatever else I want to share.

One of the things I decided is that I will dedicate more time to the Flash platform community and will contribute as much as possible. One of the new things I will be doing this time will be iPhone application development but will be back also to old things that were in standby for a while like 3D modeling and animation.

Anyway, more announcements to appear here soon!
Meanwhile check my profile here:

4 Responses to “I am a Freelancer again!”

  1. eloi Says:


    Muita muita sorte nesta tua nova etape!!!


  2. Soraia Says:

    Os tempos não estão bons para a maioria, mas admiro a tua coragem!
    Muita sorte! Possivelmente tens muito tempo livre agora, vem visitar Gibraltar. Beijinhos, Soraia

  3. choaty Says:

    and still looking like the son of Saddam

  4. Luis Sanchez Says:

    Seeing as this is a “Best of 2012″ article now, I feel it remiss to not have any mention at all of Haxe in this conversation. It’s fast, better even than AS3, and lets you target JS (and Flash, and C , and several other things). It’s pretty much the secret weapon of web development.

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