Portfolio: Y&R XMAS eCard

Nostalgia. This was done AGES AGO while I was still at Young & Rubicam as our first digital and not printed Xmas card. After lots of resistance specially from accounting people insisting (they still do) that paper is the future and interactive is nothing, I ended up doing most of it by myself within a week. At least in the end everyone collaborated with taking 2 pictures with mouth closed and opened, even if they had no idea what was it for and as usual they were afraid of me and Photoshop. I got more support when it started coming to life and after a few silly test files with some volunteers in the studio (thanks Cara & Edy). This was all done with Flash MX 2004 (Yes, ages ago as I said) and PHP in the server side.

Click HERE or the picture below to open the Xmas Card. After the song stops, you can use any key in your keyboard to play. To make me “sing” press the E key :) That was the basic concept but in the end I squeezed some overnight hours to make a Record/Play feature.

One of the tricky parts was the sang notes. In my original idea I wanted to have each person singing its own note, possibly with the need to fine tune each file digitally, but after a few “I have no time for that, maybe tomorrow” and considering I had 2 or 3 days left, I had to go for plan B and my friend Claudia Alegre in Portugal helped singing all the notes herself from low to very high pitch. She had to bear with me asking for repetitions in some of the notes and sending me the files over by email in the middle of the night. Anyway, her work was great. At least Y&R paid for that (that was the only money that went into this project).

After we sent it to the usual clients/collaborators/friends, it ended up going viral and got the small server used for it quite busy. In the tracking page it was showing it was going around the world… until around April. From that year so far they’ve been only doing digital xmas cards. But it’s amazing how many “experts”, specially in big agencies, and specially in accounting, the ones who deal with the clients directly, who are still convinced that digital/interactive/web apps is just some fad that will wear off.

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  1. Julie Ciniglio Says:

    Your Christmas card is incredible, what a novel idea and such fun!

    Well done

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