Home (documentary movie)

Just finished watching the documentary movie: Home.
I have just one word: WOW!

Apart from the aerial imagery being authentic photographic poetry along the movie, its awareness value is huge. I recommend everyone to watch it… now!

If you don’t want to go to the cinema you can either download it for free or watch it (HD) in Youtube:

I mean it. Invest this one and an half hour for yourself.

Movie aside, I got badly impressed with comments both in youtube and movie related forums from (lots of) people viewing this and considering it fiction. It just shows how  strong denial can be (as well as pure ignorance and stupidity). There should be some simple program in place where this people could voluntarily sign for: Yes, I can be burned and used as fuel when resources are depleted. That would solve the problem for a few more decades. (OK, apart from being extremely mean with this comment, I am just too pissed off with this people).

UPDATE: After this movie I ended up in some kind of ECO mood and watched THIS ONE which I also recommend.

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3 Responses to “Home (documentary movie)”

  1. Daniela Says:

    Andava hoje de tarde a saltar no youtube do canal National Geographic para o Animal Planet quando dei com o video “HOME” e fiquei extremamente impressionada! Esta completamente fora de série. Pena que para algumas pessoas, nem um video tao completo, informativo e explicito seja suficiente… Denial é a expressao!

  2. TruB Says:

    Have you bothered checking what companies that sponsors this crysis documentary?
    I bet they will sell lots pf products now.

    “It just shows how strong denial can be (as well as pure ignorance and stupidity). ”
    easy said, any truth? listen to the masses is easy too.

  3. Fernando Colaço Says:

    Obviously I saw the sponsors in the beginning of the movie. But… how are you supposed to produce a movie like this without either sponsors or a big budget?

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