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Fernando Colaço’s » Blog Archive » Acer Aspire One (A150X) is now officially a Mac!

Acer Aspire One (A150X) is now officially a Mac!

Running Leopard 10.5.6 at full speed now! My first hackintosh attempt. The Acer A150 makes a great 900g Mac. And it did cost 400 CHF (265 EUR) and a only a few hours to setup. It be will around an hour if you follow these steps, since you save the trial and error (and geek fun) part. Everything is working more than fine except Wifi for now (just needs the hardware replaced but the right wireless card is on its way, details below).

After a few failed attempts with different distros, for this specific netbook it’s quite easy to turn it into a Mac. Here we go: (Full instructions)

0) Disclaimer: I don’t take any responsability if you render your netbook useless or something wrong happens. If you want to mess around with it it’s obviously your call. I won’t be full time managing questions and comments on this post. There’s plenty of info online for procedures and fixes after everything is done. You can always use the recovery to get bac to your Windows factory setup (aaargh). I just want to help people with the same model of netbook to avoid wasting lots of hours with defferent distros and settings that will not work as I did when starting this weekend project. It works for A150, but might work also for any Aspire One series netbook.  As soon as Apple puts a decent (not the MacBook Air) netbook out, I’ll definitelly buy it. I already own an iMac and a MacBook Pro 17″. They are both great, but the MBP17 is in my opinion a transportable, not portable. Apart from heavy it’s huge and even if it’s great for real work, it’s overkill for conferences, weekend occasional web use when not at home or during holidays. This netMac (or whatever) will be great for those and some other scenarios.

1) If you want to dual boot Windows/Mac as I left mine setup for precaution and in case some mac-allergic friend wants to use MSN messenger IN Windows, just use any partition utility (Partition magic / Acronis / Whatever) to create some unused space partition. Be sure it’s a logical partition and set as primary. This way you can keep (and boot to) the original XP installation that comes with this netbook. The Acer recovery partition remains intact too. I only left a tiny space for Windows since I don’t use it at all for a few years now, but be sure to distribute partitions to your needs. You can also create a partition to share between OSes in FAT32. You can also triple boot Linux/Windows/Mac. You can even skip the partition part and just install Mac OS X. That’s all up to you.

2) Get the iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) distro. This is a hacked version of Leopard DVD to work with the PC hardware. You have to download “somewhere” the ISO image and burn it into a DVD. I wasted most of my time in failed attempts trying to boot from an USB disk drive with different distros. All of them failed mid-installation! As soon as I did it booting from an external USB DVD player (cheapo DVR-RW) it all worked fine.

3) Boot from the disc above (F12 during boot and select it from the list). After the first installation steps, and as soon as you see the system menu on the top, click Utilities in that menu. Open Disk Utility. Select the partition space you created and format it (erase) as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Quit Disk Utility (that will be Alt+Q on this netbook).

4) Open Terminal (geeky) in the Utilities menu and type “diskutil list” (obviously without the quotes). Take note of the disk number and partition number you just prepared. Now type “fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX” where X is the disk number you just took note. Now, type “p“. You’ll see the list of partitions on that disk. If the one you just prepared is marked with a * it’s already set as active and you’re done. If not, type “flag X” where X is the partition number on this list. Type “exit“. Quit the Terminal (Alt+Q).

5) Continue with the installation, select the disk and when you see the Customize button in the bottom left click it. In the customizing options choose only the iDeneb Essentials and Netbook > Acer one options. Continue and finish installation.

6) Now, I got stuck in here for a while because I thought I was done. There’s still a small step (and simple). After you restart, press any key on the bootloader to be able to add boot parameters. If you fail (you know that if you get stuck on the apple grey screen with the welcome music playing) you can just rebbot again. Type “-X” at the Boot: prompt. You will load safe mode. It will ask you for basic information. When it asks for name, etc, just click Continue in the popup dialog. You can register (or not) later. It will also ask you your keyboard setting and to setup your user account and password

7) In another computer, load Diablo’s iDeneb 1.4 Tools in a USB key (search for it also “somewhere”). In the netbook, in this safe mode, insert the USB key. Install the DoNotSleep and the GMA950 packages (just click them). Reboot. You will now reboot for the first time in normal mode in full resolution.

8) Also from the Diablo’s tools files, copy the folder ShutdownSound into /Library/StartupItem in your disk. Still from the tools, open OSX86Tools and enable Quartz GL and reboot (if it asks to fix something, hit FIX). After reboot, open OSX86Tools again and do the Fix Permissions procedure. You’re done!

You have now a fully working small and light (and cheap) Mac. Wireless is not working yet but you just need to replace the Wifi card with this one. This netbook has no Bluetooth but you can use any Mac compatible dongle.

Now, there’s a few fixes you can apply (or not, if you don’t bother). I won’t go in details in here since there’s plenty of info out there. Google is your friend. Don’t be a selfish bastard and feel free to contribute with some fixes / links / suggestions in this post’s comments! :)

I will be going over all this again for a friend so I might add some step-by-step pictures to this post very soon. I will also post the Wifi card replacement procedure (with pics) as soon as the new one arrives.

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106 Responses to “Acer Aspire One (A150X) is now officially a Mac!”

  1. Ernesto Says:

    WOW, tenho que experimentar isto! Venha lá esse tutorial!

  2. Fernando Colaço Says:

    Ernesto: Mas o tutorial já está! Vou só acrescentar algumas fotos. No post tens tudo o que é necessário e todos os passos :)

  3. xavier Says:

    Great GEEK JOB!! :D

  4. Ernesto Says:

    Sim, foto-tutorial melhor dizendo! Uma pesquisa pela net e vejo que há mais ppl a experimentar isso noutras máquinas. Escolheste este Acer por algum motivo especial? O Acer Aspire 110 com SSD de 8GB não se aguenta? É que há pouco tempo essa máquina custava 130 eur aqui no burgo :)

  5. Fernando Colaço Says:

    o AAO 150 (o meu) tem uma pequena diferença… em vez de 8 GB (Solid State Drive) tem um disco normal de 160 GB. Aguentar aguenta-se, mas só o sistema operativo ocupa logo cerca de 4 ou 5 GB. Também gostei do Dell Mini 9 com SSD 16 GB mas mal vi este com 160 GB nem pensei muitas vezes. A maioria dos netbooks que vi têm configurações semelhantes, mesmo entre marcas diferentes, sendo a grande diferença a capacidade dos discos. E os preços :) Além disso gostei do aspecto / peso deste.

  6. Ernesto Says:

    Correcção: não foi o AAO 110 que esteve a 130 eur mas sim o Asus EEEPC, mas só tem um SSD de 4 GB. Esta ideia é muito interessante para “quase” ter um Mac… É que, aqui por terras lusas, para comprar um Mac, os €€ são muito caros! Em relação à placa WiFi, pq é que a original não funciona? E a bateria tem melhor desempenho com a gestão Mac?

  7. Paul Says:

    Yes the wifi card needs to be replaced although I was able to get it to work with kismac which is pain so much easier to replace, very easy i did it in 5min.
    Ok so I have been using iDeneb 1.4 for a while now and so far zero kernel panics
    This is how i installed it
    Essential MAC OS X system and acer aspire one patch which is under netbook this is all you ll ever need (lol i ever need)
    VERY importont: when setup has finished restart, upon restart do not use any kernel flag, the apple logo will appear and in a few will stop and computer seems to freeze at this point power off your netbook and start it up again
    this time use -s (single mode) when you get to root prompt type this and after each press ENTER
    1. /sbin/fsck -fy
    2. /sbin/mount -uw /
    2a cd /volumes/YOURDRIVE/var/db/
    3. touch .AppleSetupDone
    4. passwd (create root password)
    5. exit
    when u get to a login windows type that password and root as a user name
    after successfull install update it via software update, dont forget to fix permissions and get GMA950 kext for AAO150 it is all over the net
    Hope it helps
    note: if you get something like this “not a directory” when typing cd /volumes/YOURDRIVE/var.db/ THEN reboot and repeat single mode procedure usually mounts on a second try

  8. kap Says:

    Fernando! You da man! Tried about 10 different distro’s with limited instructions and not too much success! You made one easy and exactly what I needed! Kudos, mate!! TYVM!

  9. OSCAR Says:

    Fantástico trabajo!!!! Mirando tu tutorial he podido hacer funcionar el Acer One. Ahora solo me falta el tema del wifi… pero bueno poco a poco.

    Muchas gracias.

  10. DjOzonic Says:

    Hi Ferni
    thanks for your Detailed info on ideneb .

    it helpeed alot….im experiencing some issues with Wi-Fi.i bought 3 Cards 2 Dw1390 , 1 dw1490 ans still no luck on Ideneb 1.4 seeing these card on Acer Aspire One - Zg5 , AOA-150…Im on bios v0.3309….should i do a stepped down to 0.3308 ? our thougts please?



  11. Ben Says:

    Peter how do you use kismac? How do u replace the wifi card if needed? 1 more thing. You have those commands in single user mode are those
    Needed? It’s not in the guide and he did it. Where did you here about that? Any links are apreciated.

  12. Ben Says:

    I’m actually on a iPod touch. So excuse my spelling

  13. Ben Says:

    Sorry is this post dead already? If not creator you said everything but wireless is working now. Did you use any other patches then the ones mentioned? If so sorry for disturbing your grave. :) (hopefully)

  14. ghostunix Says:

    Fantastic, good for you.

    Questions are do the builtin camera and audio work in iChat? If so I am kicking windows xp to the curb.

  15. Ben Says:

    way to go. yes they do.

  16. Fernando Colaço Says:

    Sorry. Been busy in China :) and used the netbook to blog live (check the post after this one). Including photoshop, video editing, audio editing and some Flex programming to fix and add features to the microblog site. Wireless is working more than fine after changing to the card referred in the post.

    Sleep is still not working so basically after using the machine I have to shutdown. I will spend more time researching on that one. I also bought a 6 cell battery wihich gives me around 5 hours of use (plus 2 from the original).

    So, next step, sleep (for me too, still kinda jetlagged)

  17. Ben Says:

    Diablos ideneb tools website is down? Any torrent links, I googled it with no results. Can someone email it to me?

  18. Ben Says:

    Deep Sleep does it! It’s a widget available from that puts the
    Computer in to hibernation! Choose 0 from the list after you install! Works on all intels! Yes I know Im good!

  19. Ben Says:

    UPDATE in order to make it go into hibernation instead of the regular sleep when you close it etc. Click the widget as many times as you can before you go to sleep. And what’s left to fix?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Diablo’s iDeneb 1.4 Tools is no longer available to download anywhere, can someone point me in the right direction on where to get this… i need it to be able to boot in something other than safe mode

  21. Eric Says:

    Diablo’s iDeneb 1.4 Tools can be found at a site in Mexico….

  22. Ben Says:


  23. Ben Says:

    do you think all the same applies to the 10.1 inch? Are they basically the same?

  24. MAcer D150 Says:

    The install works well with a new DW 1390 card on my D150 10″ Acer. Other than the sleep work-around, pretty solid.

  25. Ben Says:

    Woah are you talking about my sleep work around? I’ve tested it and it is great!
    you download do not sleep widget from apple click it a lot before you go into sleep and it will work. And why dont you just use an apple pci-e card?

  26. Ernesto Says:

    E que tal este?!

    instalando um disco de 1.8″

    Deve funcionar, já que o resto do hardware é igual ao A150X, certo?!

  27. Ben Says:

    I have a problem. Is there any way to restrict application windows to leave the screen boarder, because i find tht most applications always go past the bottom providing
    No access to certain buttons

  28. Ben Says:

    Or Maybe a way just to make the windows smaller. And i took video of
    The whole process so when I upload it to youtube it will be a complete video guide. I find that lots of app windows need more room but if i coulf make the windows even smaller then it would be ok.

    Note: Steve Jobs I own every one of your computers including 3 apple pluses. A few imac g5s but you have failed to make a compact netbook. Acer beat you to the game.

  29. youhei Says:

    Diablo’s iDeneb 1.4 Tools is no longer available to download anywhere,
    Where can you obtain it?

  30. Ben Says:

    At the above link. Hit desargas or something. It means download.

    Great install everything works (that ive tested. But I tried to update via apple Update and will not boot (Grey apple screen for 2 secs then restarts) Unless cpus=1 but i have the exact model aoa150-1126.
    That cpus=1 messes up resolution no matter what i install/do

    Does vga work?

  31. Ben Says:

    Oh posted from this netbook!!!!!

  32. Ben Says:

    Just my resolution. And tried disk permissions no probabally gonaa back up and restore osx to defaults

  33. Federico Says:


    great tutorial, works like a charm!
    - the safe boot command. I see an uppercase X on the tutorial. It would only work with lowercase x like “-x”.
    - networking didn’t work 100% for me when connecting the ethernet cable while the OS was running the first time. Tried the lease button but the OS said cable was not connected. By rebooting I managed to get ethernet network back up. Will check on this topic. Most probably a known issue.

  34. Mike Says:

    I have almost everything working very nicely too, except that sound output gets set
    inaudibly soft after waking from hibernation. This appears to be a well-known problem.
    Does anyone here know of a way to reactivate sound after waking?

  35. cajunsquirrel Says:

    Thanks for sharing the info 10.5.6 works great. I tried iDeneb 1.5 and it has issues keyboard does not work. The software update from appl to 10.5.7 keeps the netbook rebooting.
    You need a combo update dmg before the update to 10.5.7 I have not managed to find the dmg file.

  36. Rob Says:

    Any idea where I can grab Diablo’s iDeneb 1.4 Tools from all links dead!

  37. Rob Says:

    Found iDeneb tools here:

    Audio not working after installing iDeneb 10.5.7 on Acer Aspire One…..
    Any ideas???

  38. Atters Says:

    Excellent guide. I was able to get iDeneb 10.5.6 up and running, using the kismac/airport workaround for the AR5007 (just not reliably).

  39. ZACK Says:

    HOWD you get hibernate to work!!!!!!!!!! Oh i tink my problem is i installed donotsleep tried to delete it but didnt work anyhelp?

  40. ZACK Says:

    oh rob same problem use this….

  41. ZACK Says:


  42. Montag Says:


  43. Montag Says:

    I mean the guy in the pic

  44. R Says:

    Hey I just want to give a head up about the wireless it is cheaper to buy a wireless dongle depending on your price range, but anyways if you go back to the OS X X86 project wiki and look under the HCL according to what version of OS X you have and then find the drivers and install like I have the SMC wireless G dongle I just finished installing my OS X OS on my Acer so I will try that method in a bit

  45. Benjamin Says:

    listen R you speak gibberish if you want wifi buy an apple pci-e card and swap it out.

  46. pelicano Says:

    expectacular gracias mi acer aspire one funcionando con mac con tus instrucciones y un usb wiffi externo linksys
    Gracias fernando

  47. Says:

    hi !! Good Job !

    I also have a working OSX Acer One D150 dual boot with XP , it even paly 1080p videos , also changed wifi to Del 1390 .


  48. Ben Says:

    Distro’s really stink. Seriously try retail. I have a company that offers support for hackint0sh’s but netbooks in particular are my favorite. Hope all goes well. If you need me email me.

    Great guide, but 1 you used a distro Any person who knows anything about hackint0sh’s knows Distro’s are for people who dont know anything. The best thing to do is use a retail disk.

    2 You make it sound like ok your good to go and set for life. There are problems updating, kexts, sleep and much more. We cover all of that and make sure you get back on track. We IM Screen share etc.

    3 I doubt you can do anything about sleep. I doubt you are too experienced. I write software so I could. Dont mis-lead people into thinking you are some type of developer. You are not. What version are you on? Im on 10.5.8 with snow leopard ubuntu and windows. Yeah I know my crap.

    4. Congratulations. Your guide was pretty detailed. Thx for making an effort.
    I think you will need help though so any problems email me. (First couple questions are free. If you email me I’ll send you pricing. Bi!

  49. Ben Says:

    Distro realmente apestan. Intentan seriamente al por menor. Tengo una empresa que ofrece soporte para Hackint0sh pero netbooks, en particular, son mis favoritos. Que todo vaya bien. Si me necesitas enviarme un email.

    Gran guía, pero 1 ha utilizado una distribución Cualquier persona que sepa algo de Hackint0sh sabe Distro son para la gente que no sabe nada. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es usar un disco al por menor.

    2 Es que suene como tu bien puede ir y de por vida. Hay problemas de actualización, kexts, el sueño y mucho más. Cubrimos todo eso, y asegúrese de volver a la pista. Nos IM cuota de pantalla, etc

    3 dudo que usted puede hacer nada sobre el sueño. Dudo que son muy experimentados. Escribo software para que yo pudiera. Mis Dont-llevar a la gente pensando que usted es algún tipo de desarrollador. Usted no lo son. ¿Qué versión estás? Im en 10.5.8 Snow Leopard con Ubuntu y Windows. Sí sé que mi mierda.

    4. Felicidades. Su guía fue bastante detallada. Thx para hacer un esfuerzo.
    Creo que se necesita ayuda aunque por lo que cualquier problema enviarme un email. (primer par de preguntas son gratis. Si usted email yo te enviaré los precios. Bi!

  50. Ben Says:

    Pelicano ¿Por qué no cambiar la tarjeta que le puede ayudar. La tarjeta cuesta unos 15 dólares.

  51. Fernando Colaco Says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for the bilingual SPAM! Much appreciated.
    And by the way I am a developer… for over 15 years.
    I am sure you are a great developer, specially when you spend your time looking for blogs to drop your spam there. And piggybacking in other people’s posts and comments.
    Actually you seem to be kind of a genius. The thing is, I just tried to share what I learned in this netbook hackintosh process and save people’s time on saving different distros and extensions. And that works fine for this specific netbook. That’s all. At least I am not trying to claim how great I am or charging for tat (like you).

  52. Erick Says:

    Ben you are just a loser. stop spamming. Just trying to show off some “skills” you think you have. Stop talking shit about the author an the real hackintosh scene. Hackingtosh is for sharing knowledge and experiences. If it were ment to be a bussines people would just drop it and buy a real mac instead of paying morons like you. Everyone can have 10.5.8 even 10.6 don’t think your the only one. There’re lots of guides to do it. You’re just trying to scam people selling someting is free in the web. People out there try using Google or go to insanelymac or another hackingtosh site. Don’t listen shit people like Ben

  53. Erick Says:

    Y aprende español idiota o mínimo busca un traductor bueno.
    And try to learn spanish moron. At least find a good translator

  54. Ben Says:

    Fernando. Completely right I was a little on the harsh side. Wow what type of development do you do. I work for Pystar part time. One thing. If you are writing a guide on a distro make sure you are writing it for somebody who has no clue about anything hackint0sh. Distros are for new comers lets say. I am writing a guide (Insanely Mac) for 10.6. Everything but sleep works. I’ll post the link soon.

    2nd ha the era of Bi-lingual spam. No there are people speaking different languages. Also the hackint0sh IRC is a very resourceful place but the Ops are lets say… not nice. I have heard some really bad things that have happened. If I was you I’d just join then PM Nawcom. He is the best. Nawcom has his own website. Nawcom is almost as good if not better then Netkas. Thanks for everything!

    Overall great guide and Erick Fernando had a better approach, Simply saying you are a moron bad boy go away freak in both english and spanish does not help. Cursing does not help and putting the person down does not help. That encourages spamming. Best thing is just to not respond. :) (Yes I realize you said And try to learn spanish moron. At least find a good translator) Nice Google translator!

    Thank you fernando!

  55. Ben Says:

    I have to say Retail does save trouble down the road. It was actually fairly easy.

  56. Ben Says:

    LOL Erik Hackingtosh? Hackint0sh. Shows how much you know :)

  57. Ben Says:

    Acer Aspire One A150

    Works with Dell Mini 9/10 and should work with the EEE PC

  58. Ben Says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention is Snow Leopard…

    Oh no I’m kinda spamming. :)

  59. Ben Says:

    Found a fix for windows going out of the screen. I made a apple script (Automator… Makes it sooo much easier) :) That changes the scale factor from one to .93 I made an app for that and an app to set it to 1 (Use full for some apps) then assigned one to F1 and one to F3 (F2 key broke off after trying to replace wifi. Tried to do it with a screw driver) so when I hit F1 it makes windows smaller instantly. When I hit F3 it makes it regular

  60. cheap computers Says:

    Sometimes this won’t work and there can be a number of reasons.

  61. cheap computers Says:

    There’s plenty of info online for procedures and fixes after everything is done.

  62. $329 macbook Says:

    @Ben, i know that i’m a day late and a dollar short, but how’s that psystar business working out for you? i couldn’t help but notice that you spelled your own “company’s” name wrong. Either way, selling crap like rebel EFI won’t get you very far when there are free distros out there. I know they have inherent issues, but they’re not that bad. You say that distros are for newbies but what about rebel EFI? that seems to be the way your grandma might install os x. But rudeness aside, I have to give you kudos for single-handedly supplying half of the comments on this post. :)

  63. Ben Says:

    Yep, Rebel Efi is for newbies. I don’t use it. lol sorry for a typo. I doubt you have a grand mom because you spelt it grandma? I personally don’t like Rebel but what ever they say. But you’d be surprised how many people buy it. And yeah it is a way people who have no clue about OSX installs OSX on one of their verified machines. But it is also a way for people who don’t have those machines to find kexts for their machine. It is like a tested kext database and it automatically matches it to your machine. It is veery helpful. Distros are for newbies but besides that they are terrible. iDeneb is the best distro out there are not continuing operation. So retail now! It actually does save you plenty of trouble. cheapcomputers: I have been using my fix for a while now and it helps a lot…

  64. $329 macbook Says:

    @Ben, i do in fact have a grandmother (grandma is a pet name sort of). In case you didn’t know it is biologically impossible not to. But that’s beside the point. If i don’t buy a mac anytime soon, my next project will be a retail install of snow leopard, but i will probably have a different netbook for that. Right now however, i don’t see any reason to risk losing my current install of ideneb 1.4. It took forever and i don’t want to go through the trouble of re-installing it. I’m running ubuntu and ideneb now and as soon as I get a dw1390 wifi card, i think that i’ll make leopard the main OS.

  65. Andrew Says:

    Is there a patch out there to get the 3g up and running? - I have been trying, but no success yet -

  66. Andrew Says:

    Thank you again Fernando- this was a great quick fix when your gear gets stolen on a business trip. -

  67. Cheap Computers Says:

    I am happy to read your blog and admit the webmaster has done a very good job by putting all the information content at one place,. I’d recommend it with reference to my website

  68. $329 macbook Says:

    I might sound like i’m beating a dead horse here, but the other day, my dw1390 card came in the mail and i happily installed it. The only problem is that it doesn’t work in ideneb 1.4. It works perfectly in ubuntu. much better than the atheros card, but no sign of it in os x. In fact, when i go to “about this mac” it shows that there is “no information” in the pci slot. It doesn’t even recognize that there is anything installed. I was wondering if you guys had any problems with the card, because most of what i have read says that it works OOB. (even the osx86 wiki says so). I have tried everything i know of and am open to suggestions.

  69. Herm3z-BR Says:


    Tank’s a lot for this post. Now I have a MacBook Pro - hehehe
    Very nice, fast and perfectly. (only without wi-fi)


  70. $329 macbook Says:

    OK so i was bored today and finally decided to bite the bullet and wipe the install and re-install ideneb v1.4. As you may know when i first installed it, i had a worthless atheros card but replaced it with a broadcom dw1390 later. The problem was that it was not recognized in the least. When i installed ideneb again, i did everything the same way as originally but i also checked “broadcom” under the wireless network section in the setup configuration. Once i got everything patched and restarted it for the second time, my airport card showed up! i had to wrestle with the network for a few minutes but now I am online in OS X! my only thought is why it’s working now. Is it because i checked off the “broadcom” patch or simply because i re-installed the OS after installing the card. Either way, my AAO is Finally an official mac now that i have internet.

  71. rsone Says:

    U are the man . Got this up and running Thanks

  72. Rully Says:

    what about the ethernet driver?

  73. Volker from Germany Says:

    ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß
    hinterlassen ;) Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt/ Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
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