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After ages of having my advertising portfolio burried on some external disk, I decided to organize the huge mess I have of project, concepts and final files and start posting some of my works. At least the ones I really liked to work on. To start, here it goes. This was a video moodsetter for ITU (International Telecommunication Union) I did in 2006 while I was still at Young & Rubicam Geneva (as Interactive Art Director). I did the 3D modelling, material and lightning design (actually the main material has lights on it, plus animated omni lights moving inside). I also did the animation and scene and camera setups. This was done in 3DStudio Max and Photoshop for titling. Video-post in Premiere.

Basically I started from a sphere and created an array of them, then duplicated that several times to create a matrix (square) of spheres and then duplicated that a few times for a cube. Added some noise to distort the spheres a bit. The most laborous part was to displace some of the spheres and draw lines between them (in 3D space) so it looked organic. Don’t remember exactly but there were 200+ spheres and some had 7 or 8 lines coming out of each. Next step was to extrude the lines and add some noise again to turn the structure more organic. I kept a copy of those lines to serve as light animation paths (these actually passed between several spheres). Last step in modelling was to turn spheres (neurons) and tubes into one and aplly the material. There were a few noise additions and manual modelling in some parts. Material itself was quite tricky to create because the idea was to have some electronic microscope look, but it ended up in something more than that as an animated material surface (with thin streaks moving slowly). Last step was to animate the camera (the lights inside were bound to paths). All text was added in Premiere.

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  1. xavier Says:

    Wow.. I remind when I started at the agency, you were working on that project! But you never show me the final result.

    It was really cool efect indeed!! Nando, that was GREAT work!! :D

  2. p0iNg Says:

    esta muito porreiro, quem me dera saber fazer um décimo dessas coisas hehehe

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