Tina & the space chairs

OK, I couldn’t resist to do it. Another random after-lunch idea.  We have this new Star Wars furniture chairs in the reception. I had my Airboard gear in the car so I picked the helmet and convinced Tina (and her space clothes she happened to be using  like everyday) to do a quick photo shoot in the reception. Here are the results (click the pictures to zoom):

Hmmm. You can’t notice it on the pictures but the supposed-to-be comfy part of the chairs is padded with metallic mesh. Kind of very thin chicken wire.
We couldn’t figure out yet how to start and fly in any of the two chairs.

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  1. Alexandre Says:

    What a lovely chairs ! Did you buy it on a chinese store ? I guess I saw those chairs there. It seems they´re too big to put on a space shuttle…

  2. bathrooms Says:

    How long do you spend a day coming up with stuff like this?

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